Monday, September 24, 2012

Beginning Real Estate Investing 101

Best option for beginners in real estate.

As many beginning investors have little credit and their cash stash, if used would barely get them through until next payday! With that in mind you would want to take on something which is simple and can produce the most profits with little to no investment. The smartest most logical path you could take to get started investing in real estate would be wholesaling.

Wholesaling? What's that?

As A wholesaler you position is easy! Find a particular type of property that buyers/investors are looking for. Simple right? Why yes, yes it is........ Once located you just pass the new found deal onto your buyer/investor. Basically all you are doing is acting as the middle man or a bird dog (plus a few steps) type. With this type of investing you can make upwards of 10k from each and every deal you do, depending on the type of deal you uncover. With nothing more than time invested in these deals how can you go wrong!!!!

Why this method?

The wholesaling way has numerous reasons why you should start with it.

1) Low to no investment.

a. No need to own the property you are dealing on.

b. Just locate a undervalued property.

c. No need to take ownership of the property, just get it under contract and pass the deal on to the best buyer/investor, with what is called an assignment fee (up to K) added on to the negotiated price.

2) Fast and almost immediate cash.

a. Most all wholesale deals close in 45 days or less.

b. No need to wait for rents or long drawn out closings.

c. Quick was to get started and get cash in your pocket immediately.

3) Once you're good at finding deals.

a. Benefit from quick closing and cashing out.

b. Keep in mind not every deal you find will you be able to put under contract and sell.

c. Even if you can't buy it personally you can put it under contract and negotiate it with a buyer.

d. Do as many deals as possible to become a pro!!!

4) Options.

a. Wholesaling gives you options unlike any other investment vehicle out there,

b. You find it, negotiate with seller. Then decide what direction you will go with it, keep it, and or sell it, whatever you want. Where else do you have options like that?

VIOLA!!!!!!!!!!- Quick cash or long term cash decide.

This is what makes wholesaling Grrrrrrrrrreat!!!!

Nicholas "Yogi" Muller/

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Truth about Buccament Bay

The Buccament Bay, a luxurious beach resort in St. Vincent in the Caribbean Islands is arguably one of the best luxury resorts in the world. The Buccament Bay boasts of all the exotic luxuries in the world an individual can covet. No doubt then that the Buccament Bay has been the cynosure of eyes for a long time. The Buccament Bay has another great advantage to its credit.

The properties in Buccament Bay are being utilized as a tool for financial investment and as an instrument that can easily ensure very good returns. In other words, you can either buy a property at Buccament Bay or participate in the property development by investing. Either kind of participation can enable you to earn high returns on your investment.

About the construction: The phase I of Buccament Bay is set to open on the July 1st, 2010 and the official pre launch event is scheduled to be held at Wembley on 24th and 25th April.

About the Buccament Bay: The Buccament Bay, located in St.Vincent of the Caribbean Islands, is roughly a 45 minute drive from the airport and will be a drive of about 1 hours from the proposed international airport. The Buccament Bay is superbly positioned on the western coast of the Caribbean Islands. This makes it the most coveted as this part of the Caribbean islands is calmer, quieter and the sea is more sedate. No wonder then that the property prices are higher.

After the Buccament Bay comes up, it will be a combination of properties, from 4 bedroom plantation homes on landscaped grounds to studio apartments. The cabanas would typically make up all the infrastructural facilities of the proposed hotel that will supply five star spaces that will also give freedom to be in private villas.

These cabanas will typically be fully furnished that will be fully air conditioned and will enable the owner to stay rent free for a month in a year. Of the one month however, two weeks must be in the high season and the remaining two during the low season.

What makes the Buccament Bay financially rewarding? As stated earlier, the Buccament Bay is deemed to be a destination that is immensely rewarding financially. You can buy a property and sell it later.

Each Buccament Bay property, because of the amenities and the location convenience, is expected to appreciate a great deal in terms of the monetary value. You can also use the Single Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) plan to make investments in the property and reap rich rewards.

Overall, the Buccament Bay is a mouth watering prospect, both from the entertainment and luxury and from the financial rewards and investment perspective.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to Select the Right Mobile Payment Processor

Mobile payments are highly effective for micro-payments payments of digital content and virtual goods. Offering mobile payments increases revenues, mitigates payment processing risks, and expands markets world-wide quickly and easily. More importantly, mobile offers a potential for a relationship with customers that no other payment option can provide. The real power of mobile payments goes far beyond selling virtual goods and services. Mobile billing gives business a way to communicate with customers and for customers to communicate with companies and with other customers. Mobile payments expand the power of social networks and communities and provide a unique opportunity for businesses and consumers to be a part of each others' world.

Given the importance of Mobile Payments, how should a company select a mobile payment provider that they can rely on? There are two important elements to consider. First, the mobile payment platform must meet technical standards and conform to standard business operational functions for payment processing. Secondly, closely examine the additional services that the mobile payment company offers that will enhance your customer acquisition, retention, and marketing strategies and build loyalty to your brand.

An effective mobile billing platform will have the following features:

Complete audit trail and full reporting functions for every transaction. The status of every transaction must be available in real-time. Merchants should have the same type of detailed information available to them with mobile billing as they do with credit card payment processing. Accountably. Merchants need to know how much money they will receive from mobile billing and when the funds will be received. Flexible price points. Merchants need to be able to set their own price points for products and services. Merchants should not be limited by mobile billing short codes with inflexible billing parameters

Flexible billing models. The ability to pass on mobile billing surcharges to consumers allows merchants to offer mobile payments without incurring any payment processing fees. Will consumers pay the surcharges? Millions of mobile billing transactions prove the answer is YES. Consumers willing pay a extra for a small-ticket item in exchange for convenience and instant gratification. Simplicity of integration into existing accounting and payment processing systems. The application program interface should be user friendly and take be easy to implement. Customer support should be offered 24/7 in every local language where mobile billing is offered. One of the great advantages of mobile billing is the easy expansion into international markets. Localized customer service is an important element in succeeding in global markets.

The best Mobile Payment Processing platform will offer businesses multiple ways to acquire new customers and retain existing customers. Business should have a variety of low-cost methods to reach out to customers, offer incentives, maintain customer interest in the product, and motivate new spending. Combing innovative payment technology with marketing tools is a sure-fire way to ensure the success of your mobile billing initiative. The right mobile payment processing partner will work with you to customize the right strategy and help you implement your plans in the most efficient way possible.

Friday, September 14, 2012

No Down, Little And Low Down On Used Semi Trucks, Big Rig And Over The Road Trucks, Special Financing Program

In today's used semi truck, big rig and over the road trucks market, there are special financing programs that require no money, little and low money down to commence a financing arrangement. This one special program is in the South East part of the U.S and will do this for qualified applicants for a 0 documentation fee

Here are the requirements below for the semi truck financing program..

1) Minimum Credit Scores start as low as 550 however the higher the better to qualify for this program
2) A signed and dated lease application
3) Summary page of your last three months personal and/or business bank statements
The more money showed in the account at the end of each month the better
4) A hauling reference showing who you will lease on to or proof a good solid contract to prove income
5) No outstanding child support issues on the credit report
6) If there is a bankruptcy, it should have discharged three years or longer and proof of re-estabishing credit
7) Home ownership is a plus but not mandatory
8 ) No way of line debt ratios and/or line items on the credit that will cause a problem
9) No outstanding tax liens..

This dealer/lender has over 200 semi trucks, big rigs and over the road trucks for sale. These semi trucks are ready to go and the process to get approved is fast. Prior years tax returns are not usually required but a working spouse can only help support the income base to assume new debt.

The semi trucks that the qualified dealer has are from 1999 to 2008 and include Peterbilts, Kenworths, Freightliners, Volvos, Macks and Internationals..

The dealer/lender will work with startups and understands that each situation stands upon its own merit with its own story
If you are interested, contact me at 800-760-6863 or email me at

In addition, this dealer/ lender has over 100 trailers as well to go with the semis..These trailers include reefers, dry vans, low boys, drop deck, end and bottom dump, and other various trailer models.

If you don't qualify for this special financing, other dealer truck programs are still available to you. We even have a no credit check program that starts with a down payment with a special easy lease application... Call for the Details....

Happy hunting for your semi, big rig and over the road truck financing.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Shed Roof Design: Five Roof Options for Your Shed

Choosing the Right Shed Roof

Now that you've finally decided to build a shed. You know what type of foundation you want plus you've decided want you want for the walls and windows. Your final decision is what kind of roof do you want. What kind of shed roof design is ideal for your shed? When you've finished reading this article you'll have a good grasp on the subject.

Lean-To Roof

A lean-to roof has no peak and is a single plane the slants downward from the rear of the shed to the front. Lean-to sheds are constructed so that the rear wall of the shed is also the side of a building or fence. Because of this construction the roof is only single flat surface. If you don't need a large shed or if don't have the room for anything large than you may wish to consider the lean-to shed. The angle of the lean-to roof should be sufficient so that snow and rain easily fall off.

Gable Roof

The gable style shed roof construction has a peak and two sides. The two equal sides of the gable roof form a triangle with top of the end wall as a base. The gable roof can have a pitch from 20 to 70 degrees. The gable roof is probably the least expensive and easiest to build. The steep slopes of this type of shed roof design allow snow, rain, and leaves to slough off the surface easily.

Gambrel Roof

The gambrel roof design also known as the barn roof consists of a peak and two sides configured with two different angles. The gambrel roof differs from the gable roof in that there are two angles of pitch on each side. It has a similar appearance to a bell when viewed from the end. This type of roof design strongly resembles that of a barn. Many people find the gambrel roof design as the best choice for their shed due to its pleasing configuration and ability to provide for increased overhead storage.

Hip Roof

The hip roof is essentially the same a gable roof but rather than having two sides it has four. It consists of four sloping sides that angle away from the peak. The roof is quite stylish. So, if you have an eye for aesthetics, you will love this type of roof. One negative aspect to this type of roof design is that there is not much room for overhead storage. So, if you are looking to build a roof with extra storage space, this would not be a good choice for you. It is frequently seen as a pool house or cabana where a great amount storage space is not required.

Saltbox Roof

The saltbox roof is constructed in a similar way as a gable roof with a peak and two sides. The big difference between the saltbox design and the gable roof is that the roof sides are of unequal length and size where one is short and steep and the other is long and flat. The longer side provides plenty of headroom. One of the big advantages of this type of roof is its ability to stand up to strong winds. So, if you happen to live in a windy area, this type of roof is a good choice for you.

In summary, you'll need to give some thoughtful consideration to the type of roof you want for your shed as it will have a major impact in the overall look and functionality of the structure. You can view the various designs discussed in this article at shed pictures.